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Opportunities and Future Directions of TIRET

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    1. Value Chain- Forward and Backward Linkage

    TIRET looks forward to improving the forward and backward linkage through creation of value-chain which starts from the process of planning that goes into production of its companies’ products. We believe that the process of producing quality good starts from the raw materials/input, the processes of transformation and to the final products in the hands of the final customers. The same value-chain addition projections we are expecting for manufacturing and services undertakings under TIRET. Examples of expected value-chains are shown below;

  • Cotton→ Ginnery → Spinning → Weaving → Finishing → Garmenting
  • Malt → Beer → Crown Cork → Crate
  • 2. Synergy

    TIRET looks forward to the integration of its businesses and businesses associated with us. Every business, companies and associated projects are projected to create sustainable synergies which are part of value-chain. Hence, businesses and projects which can help improve collaboration and integration of our companies, presently and in the future are welcomed. Some examples of synergies we hope to improve and create are as follow;

  • Production Processes → Import and Export → Logistics and Transport ↔ Financial Institutions → Clients Satisfaction
  • Project study → Design → Development → Construction ↔ Consultancy
  • 3. Expansion and Consolidation
  • Dashen Brewery 3mHL → 5mHL
  • Gondar Malt 16kton → 32kton
  • Jari Water 8k lit → 32k lit and flavor drinks
  • Manage and Merge Firms at Industry level /Consolidation/
  • Electronics Industry
  • Textile Industry,
  • transport and Logistics Corporation,