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TIRET Corporate the Asset of the People of Amhara Region!
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Our Business Associations and Schemes

  • Whole-Ownership
  • Joint-Venture Schemes
  • Joining existing companies
  • Investing and supporting Projects under development
  • Developing and collaborating on New projects
  • Working with green-horned foreign and local Investments
  • Agency Relationships
  • Finding market for Products
  • Technical and Strategic Support for Local & Foreign Investments
  • Connecting and linking local and International Companies
  • Serving as Agent; Distributor and undertaker for local and International products and brands
  • Facilitator, Agency and other operations based on arrangements and agreement
  • Supplier
  • Importing value-adding inputs
  • Exporting local products and value-added raw materials
  • Facilitating import and export of different local and international companies’ products

  • Association with Individuals

    TIRET works with the Ethiopian Diasporas through the following;

  • Technical Support
  • Through Consultancy services which can be offered to and by individuals or group. We receive consultancy services from individuals and groups from home and abroad on businesses and technical issues related to our businesses.

  • Employment
  • We provide various types of employment for diasporas and other individuals with the expertise, qualifications and experiences that meets the demands of our work, projects and companies.

  • Joint Venture
  • We work with individuals and groups based on Capital investments – in which individual or group have investment funds. We also work on joint-ventures and partnerships with individuals and groups with know-hows and expertise who have no capital for investment.