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Amlaku Asres /PHD


It is believed to that, TIRET corporate owns more than 17 companies in different areas, Manufacturing Brewery, Electronics, Agro processing, Pharmaceuticals, Textile, Constructions and so on.

But we are planning to be one of the best and most high tech investment company in East Africa by the coming 5 years.

To realize TIRET mission we are endeavoring to be a leader in social business endowment in East Africa, to do this we have to work hard and strive to achieve our responsibility effectively.

Based on this, TIRET management evaluate its performance regularly and try to strength the performance by applying high tech standardization and template or standard operating system /SOP/.

Understanding the current existing situation, we evaluate our performance and try to reform the organizational structure that capable to meet what is expected from us.

Of course in 2018 physical year, our plan was too ambitious to do but now we are capable of confronting the drawbacks of the past years and accomplishing the goals that are expected to be done in the strategic plan. Based on this, TIRET Corporate highly exerting its effort to meet its target.

The Amhara Regional State People are expecting lots of contributions to realize it’s envisage.

The board also expected to strengthen its follow up and support in order to make feasible and sustainable the TIRET organizational reform as before.

The corporate employees are also likely to achieve the remaining activities of the current physical year. Every worker should be committed and move accordingly to realize the plan.

Finally, even if we have got some knowledge and skill based gaps, now the Amhara regional state is giving more and important attention to grow up TIRET and we are linking form many international investment companies so the good opportunity will be the better achievement we accomplish.

TIRET management bodies, stakeholders support and the whole corporate workers struggle to make TIRET successful and sustainable. Therefore, I extend my appreciations to all of you for your invaluable support.

Also for all strategic investors who are in keen of working with TIRET, I call for you warmly in Ethiopian welcoming culture, investing with TIRET jointly.