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Local and International Investors

TIRET role of empowering local private investors through joint-ventures, partnership and management/Administrative training can be viewed in the light of actualizing the objectives of the Founding Fathers. Some of Tiret companies and projects are established based on the Whole-ownership, joint ventures, partnership and other business platforms/schemes which are allowed under the Ethiopian law. We are also engaged in offering various management and technical advises and consultancies to various local companies and industries. We connect local businesses and brands to International markets and businesses. For International Investors and businesses TIRET also create necessary platform and environments to enable them operate their businesses in Ethiopia. We connect, foreign investors to local investors and facilitates the establishment of formidable relationship which produces fruitful outcomes.

We liaise with International and foreign companies, in the establishment of brands and acting as products distribution channels across the Ethiopia and specifically within Amhara Regional State. Our transportation, logistics and network infrastructures across East Africa means we are positively positioned for strategic products networking, distribution and partnership within the East Africa zone.

TIRET works with foreign investors, organizations and individual towards transferring and acquiring technology that are associated with international standards; quality and environmentally friendly. Our businesses and projects association model are summarized as follow:


Aside from using profits from companies for socio-development activities, larger portion of TIRET companies’ dividend are re-invested into establishing new companies, acquiring companies and developing its “Projects” into profit-making investments which creates value-added final products through backward and forward linkages.

In other words, Tiret investments are made up of companies and projects which are legally registered and licensed entities operating based on the commercial law of Ethiopia. Our businesses are strategically setup and managed to be profitable and competitive. TIRET companies as registered entities are subject to every tax, deductions and conditions associated with any other company operating within Ethiopia.