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TIRET held a meeting to evaluate 2018 performance

TIRET has evaluated its 2018 performance in Bahirdar W/ro Alemfrie Derese and Ato Abate Sitotaw TIRET’s deputy CEOS are have made a keynotes in the opening.

They said that the meeting is very important to achieve better success in the coming budget year by getting lesson in the past 2018 achievements.

During the two days’ performance evaluation and 2019 plan review, to Yeshiwas Yiheyis, the coordinator of planning, meeting presentation TIRET gained 486 million Birr gross profit by achieving 64% of its annual plan.  While comparing this year performance with that of 2017 it exceeds by43 %.

By 2019 TIRET planned to achieve its 1.12-billion-birr profit