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TIRET and its company employees had contributed more than 2.68 million birr and 1151 clothes for Am

From salary deduction TIRET and its company employees had contributed more than 2.68 million birr and 1151 secondhand clothes for Amhara region expatriates said Mr. Yihunye Terefe the social development representative director of TIRET corporate. The director pointed that the support had given for Amhara Region Food Security and Disasters Preventive commission.

Besides to this the director spoke that TIRET companies had also contributed in kind for those expatriates. Tikur Abay Transport PLC had given a free transport services having a value of more than 889 thousand birr. Besides to this Kombolcha Textile factory also contributed more than 2 bonded pair bedsheet for dragged-out societies.

Mr. Yihunye remembered that TIRET had given 30 million birr for expatriates including the support of Dashen brewery 10 million birr and Ambasel Trading 5 million birr. In general, TIRET has contributed more than 33.6 million birr for the regional expatriates.

The Amhara Region food security and disaster prevention deputy commissioner Ms. Etagegnew Ademe in her part reported that up to now they are working to re-establish more than 43.6 thousand dragged societies in the region. Among those the commission had been constructing more than 3 thousand houses for households.

The commission also designed to return the expatriates considering their need to go to their former residences.

Finally, the commissioner transfers her gratitude for TIRET corporate in contributing this support to rehabilitate the Amhara Region people from their disintegration.