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TIRET has donated 17.5 million birr for Amhara Education Bureau to improvised school construction

In the signed agreement ceremony with education bureau the CEO of TIRET corporate Dr. Amlaku Asres reported the donation will avail in the seven zones of 514 schools. 

In the agreement the Amhara Region Education Bureaue head Dr. Yilkal Kefale transfers his pleasure with support of TIRET in emphasizing the support enhances to ensure quality education.

Dr. Yilkal further mentioned that numerous children in the region haven’t a chair and sitting on the stone to attained education that makes even their parents for psychological influences.

Waghimra, North Gondar, North Wollo, Central Gonder, South Gondar, Oromia National Administrations and West Gonders zones are among the Zones getting the highest support respectively added Dr. Yilkal.

On behalf of victimized children and on behalf of education Bureau Dr. Yilkal transfer his gratitude for TIRET corporate.

The CEO of TIRET corporate on his part mentioned that TIRET corporate is owned and established for Amhara Region People to eradicate poverty and to support the people of the region in special marginalized social problems. Dr. Amlaku said that TIRET making its investment basically to support the social problems of Amhara region. To this concern we now support 17.5 million birr for 10280 schools specifically to distribute combined desks.

Dr. Amlaku remembered that TIRET was contributed in construction of four schools in Wagihimra Zone and promised to continue the support in different social problems of the region.