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Football club, bicycle teams, athletics teams

Using sport as a means of employment and poverty eradication, TIRET established TIRET Sports Club which is become a platform for discovering, developing sportsmen and women who have gone on to represent Amhara Region and Ethiopia in various events locally and Internationally. Also, different TIRET Companies owns and support various sporting clubs across the Region. The TIRET female Football Club, The TIRET Bicycle Club, TIRET athletics club has helped in discovering, training and producing international sportsmen and women out of many talented youths from poor families across the region. Our involvement in sport as social development tool provides employment, training and development coaching staff, Club supporting staff and the sportsmen and women. We provide kits, sporting equipment, befitting accommodations, transportation and proper feeding for our sportsmen, while ensuring their wages and salaries are paid promptly. Our concerns in sports is not just limited to our sportsmen performance in the local levels, we work with international organizations and agencies to seek international exposure, training, workshops and sponsorship for our sportsmen and women and coaching crews.