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Funding School Feeding

As with our companies where we tempt creating backward and forward links through value addition to the final quality, we do construct schools and concerned with the pupils’ intake. In order to improve school attendance while also ensuring proper feeding of pupils we work in conjunction with various government and non-governmental organization through sponsorship of various feeding initiatives that have resulted in the increase of pupil attendance especially in the rural areas of Amhara region.

TIRET work through implementing organizations such as ESMI sponsored the School Milk Feeding project as an integral part of the School Meal project.

The sponsorship, construction and implementation of five school milk Feeding projects namely Medihanealem 1 primary School (Sekota), Amdework 1 primary School (Dahena), Niurak 1 primary School (Abergele), Meshaha 1 primary School (Sahla seyemt), Wike 1 secondary School (Ziquala) and Tsebariya primary School (Arbatseguar kebele) was at the costs of Birr 8,780,480.00.

The school milk Feeding project were established as model for sustainable social development business as the milk feeds the pupils during the day and in the evening, milk sold is to generate income for the feed and maintenance of the cow farms. As with our other social development interventions, our desires are that such model farms and best practices can be replicated by the local dairy farmers.

TIRET model in the school milk feeding projects is presently being duplicated by government and other organizations across the country.

Some of the TIRET school milk feeding projects can be found in Niurak town. In Amidework for example over 3,000 pupils are benefited.

The support and sponsorship of TIRET for the old and aged includes the construction the old peoples’ home which completed with all infrastructure to make the lives of these elderly comfortable. Still following TIRET models of sustainable eradication of poverty without creating dependency tendencies, TIRET trained and equipped the people of this home on small enterprise ventures which included bread-making which presently provides job for youths and also help provide extra income for the running of the old peoples’ home

We also engage in providing various assistance to those physically challenged individuals through schemes such as providing used materials, etc. This intervention has helped to give dignity to many disabled and physically challenged individuals who have become income earners and even employers of labor.